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Our Values


We consider the impact of our work. Not every idea is worth spreading.

And in the words of the late Phil Blanchard, “we don’t put lies in the newspaper.”


Work with what you’ve got. Don’t waste time bemoaning what you wish you had. Run a premortem, make a decision and ACT.

The Way Of Absolute Candor

Give people the information they need to make the right decisions for themselves.

(Why yes, we are Star Trek fans.)


Team up with people who have perspectives and skills you don’t.

This is not a synonym for mutual micromanagement. Get consensus on the mission, roles and goals, then get out of each other’s way.


Create opportunities for people whose voices have historically been excluded or minimized in media, marketing and advertising.

Use our power as advisers and influencers to open doors.


Question your assumptions. Ask the follow-up questions. Learn something new every day and bring it to your work.


Honor your promises to others; own up to the consequences of your actions.

Hard Work

“Growth hacking” sounds cool, we know, but sometimes you have to put your back (and brain) into the job.