Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post

Download your guide to writing utterly engaging blog posts

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    Download the guide:

      You will learn:

      • How to structure your blog post for maximum impact
      • The art of crafting optimal headlines
      • What makes up quality body copy
      • Key meta data to include with every post

      People today have access to so many other forms of media — streaming video, podcasts, interactive content, social media feeds. Blogging can feel a bit … old-school.

      But the blog post remains the backbone of an effective content strategy. Companies who blog get more links to their websites, and B2B marketers using blogs generate significantly more leads. That’s why most marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.

      Blog posts give you a quick, efficient way to communicate your ideas to your audience. And unlike content you post on social — whether it’s LinkedIn or Twitter or Youtube — with blog posts, you own the content and the channel. That means you can garner more benefits from the content you create, making blog posts the workhorse of your content strategy.

      But while blog posts have been around a while, perfecting the art of writing the perfect post is not so simple. What’s the ideal structure to sync with the way mobile readers navigate content? How can you create grabby headlines that appeal to readers and robots? What content will deliver the most value to your audience? And how can you make sure the “invisible” content makes — not breaks — your long-term findability?

      Crafting blog posts that deliver results takes careful planning and attention to detail.

      In this guide, we’ll walk through the elements of creating the perfect blog post, from finding the right structure to map to the way your readers consume content online, to writing headings and subheadings that provide the structure and organization for your content, to adding meta copy that helps your posts get found by the right people.