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Reintroducing a Coaching Startup in Under 2 Minutes


Rep Cap helped career coaching startup CareerPoint create an explainer video for potential customers that featured its new messaging and brand positioning.

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Case Studies

Reintroducing a Coaching Startup in Under 2 Minutes

Digital Production and Strategy for the Consulting Industry

Rep Cap helped career coaching startup CareerPoint quickly create an explainer video using its new messaging and brand positioning. The video served as an entry point for people interested in CareerPoint’s mission, benefits and services.


CareerPoint’s mission is to help more people thrive at work, with a goal of helping 1 million young professionals advance in their careers. Through a research-based approach to career advancement coaching, CareerPoint helps employees at all levels set achievable career goals, add value at work and create the win/win relationships they need to advance. 


CareerPoint had new messaging and brand positioning and needed to quickly explain the company’s mission, offerings and value. 

The company sought to reach employers who wanted to develop their young professionals but weren’t sure how to further their career advancement goals. CareerPoint needed to quickly showcase why its coaching approach was superior without overwhelming people with too much information.


CareerPoint turned to Rep Cap to create a short explainer video (2 minutes or less). The video needed to introduce the brand, share the basics of CareerPoint’s approach and explain why employers benefit from signing their employees up. 

Rep Cap quickly understood CareerPoint’s needs and proposed a video that explained CareerPoint’s mission to help employers and employees “get ahead of the curve.” The video would also direct employers to CareerPoint’s website to get started while teasing a potential free trial.


Rep Cap delivered a fully produced video, including script, storyboard, music, images and video design. The video animation was bright and energetic while mixing images, voiceover and on-screen text.

The final video was delivered one week ahead of schedule. It showcased CareerPoint’s brand and value proposition in a sleek and professional way to anyone just learning about the company. 

CareerPoint was pleased with the final video, prominently featuring it on its homepage and YouTube channel. The video welcomed new visitors while explaining the startup’s vision and services in less than two minutes.

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