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A Podcast That Sparked Joy —at Work


B2B management consultant company Kearney wanted to create a new way to engage existing and potential employees. A new podcast endeavor was in order.

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A Podcast That Sparked Joy —at Work

Podcast Production and Strategy for the Consulting Industry

Kearney wanted to create a podcast that examined work differently, particularly through the concept of joy. Rep Cap helped Kearney execute this podcast from brainstorming through post-production. 


Kearney is a management consulting firm whose work is built on strong relationships with leaders across industries. The team wanted to showcase the firm’s focus on creating joy at work, as well as highlight interesting people with inspiring, joyful stories in the Kearney network. The marketing team was looking for ideas outside of the usual B2B marketing strategies and channels.


Business leaders tend to focus on job satisfaction but rarely on joy as part of performance strategies. The Kearney team identified the significant disconnect between what people want from their jobs and what their actual experiences are, which they named the “joy gap.” Kearney saw the need to highlight the big ideas related to joy, share success stories and inspire others to bring more joy into their everyday workplace cultures.


Rep Cap worked with the Kearney team to design and produce a podcast about joy at work that would extend the firm’s message and create impact with a wide range of listeners. Rep Cap coached the Kearney team on all aspects of podcast production, including generating episode ideas, selecting guests, interview preparation and podcast promotion. The first season featured guests from the worlds of design, Broadway, telecommunications, technology and social psychology. All of the conversations were hosted by Kearney Managing Partner and Chairman Alex Liu.


In its first season, the podcast quickly earned a loyal audience. For the Kearney team, the podcast has served as a powerful networking tool with clients and prospects and as an appealing recruiting channel for prospective hires. The podcast was renewed for a second season and then a third, which were also produced with Rep Cap’s help.

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