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Helping a Child Care Finance Startup Find Its Identity


Child care finance startup Arvorie needed a new name, a new look and a new messaging campaign. Rep Cap helped the company reinvent itself and communicate those changes to key stakeholders.

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Helping a Child Care Finance Startup Find Its Identity

Strategy and Design for the Financial Services Industry

Rep Cap helped Arvorie revamp its entire brand — including a name change — and develop a new marketing strategy to stand out in the child care finance space.


The child care finance startup was founded in 2019 as Küdos. The company’s mission was to solve the child care accessibility crisis by connecting employers and parents with flexible child care benefits. The startup’s platform met the unique needs of children and parents while connecting employers of all sizes to affordable, tax-efficient programs. 


The startup realized it had to change its name because it was too similar to that of another business. Researching, selecting and implementing a name change would require a careful and thorough process. The company needed the new identity to represent the company’s mission and values in a crowded industry.

Along with the new brand identity, the company needed updated messaging to solve two problems: Reintroducing itself and better reaching its target audience.


Rep Cap was brought in to help the startup choose a new name. After brainstorming, research and multiple rounds of feedback, Rep Cap and the company chose the name Arvorie, a play on the Portuguese word for tree — “árvore.” The new name evoked the founders’ personal origins and played off the concept of the “family tree.”

Rep Cap helped Arvorie rethink its identity in multiple ways, starting with a new visual identity and color palette. The new logo offered a sophisticated, clean and modern look while inspiring a feeling of growth. The overall look helped Arvoire harness the energy that’s integral to family life.

Rep Cap also developed a rebranding plan that included new messaging and an ongoing marketing strategy — all of which aligned with the new identity. Along with the strategy, Rep Cap created marketing assets, including an email newsletter and guides.

arvorie logo rebrand


Arvorie successfully transitioned to the new name on the strength of the new branding, visual identity and marketing materials. Rep Cap delivered a unified brand experience that presented Arvorie as a fresh face to its target audience, investors and other stakeholders. 

With a consistent marketing strategy in place, Arvorie was prepared to continue differentiating its brand.

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