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Elevating the Modern Candidate Experience


Rep Cap helped Talent Board promote research throughout the year with press releases, article placements, and other opportunities to reach HR and talent leaders, journalists, and potential sponsors.

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Elevating the Modern Candidate Experience

Creative Branding and Thought Leadership for the Consulting Industry

Rep Cap helped Talent Board create and share powerful, insightful reports highlighting the organization’s annual Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards and its research on global job candidate experience.


Each year, the Talent Board collects and analyzes candidate experience data from tens of thousands of job candidates worldwide. This effort culminates in the annual CandE Awards and detailed regional reports highlighting the organization’s findings on the candidate experience. 

Talent Board provides industry-leading data analysis and other services for participating companies, but it needed support to create and promote a modern, easily digestible report.


While Talent Board manages the project’s data and review process, the organization needed assistance conveying its message through compelling content — including data visualization, design and presentation. The final product had to be comprehensive yet easy to digest. Talent Board also needed help proofing and fact-checking to ensure factual accuracy and compelling storytelling. 

The high volume of content, including hundreds of pages of extensive data and research, was challenging to organize quickly. Additionally, while core research relied on global data, the reports focused on individual regions. This structure required additional research and content production.

All of these tasks required careful attention to detail while following brand guidelines. The volume of work required was combined with the need for a quick turnaround, as Talent Board needed to announce the annual CandEs, hold an awards conference and publish the reports. 


Talent Board partnered with Rep Cap to design, produce and promote the reports, along with executive briefs on additional topics — all designed to share key insights with the human resources and talent assessment community and other stakeholders. 

Each region — Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and North America — received a dedicated report that included regional candidate experience data and award winners. The final reports produced by Rep Cap also included the list of CandE Award winners, case studies, sponsorship information and advertisements. 

Multiple departments at Rep Cap contributed to this broad project. Creative and editorial teams used Talent Board’s data to turn voluminous, complicated research into easy-to-understand layouts with detailed summaries. Designers achieved visual comprehension through illustrations and graphical highlights of key findings, while multiple rounds of proofreading guaranteed high-quality results.  

Meanwhile, Rep Cap’s client success team was the primary point of contact for all parties, championing the project while ensuring it aligned with Talent Board’s vision and goals. 


Rep Cap successfully created and delivered these robust assets to Talent Board, which featured them through landing pages on its website. Rep Cap helped Talent Board promote the research throughout the year with press releases, article placements and other opportunities to reach HR and talent leaders, journalists and potential sponsors.

The client praised the final product and continued to partner with Rep Cap on subsequent annual reports and other projects. 

“Every year, our annual benchmark Candidate Experience Research reports are downloaded thousands of times by HR and TA leaders and their teams,” said Kevin Grossman, Talent Board president and board member. “Our reports inform them how important candidate communication and feedback loops are and how they can have a definitive impact on an employer’s business and brand.

“Rep Cap’s team of writers and designers help us make these candidate experience reports happen so they’re accessible to everyone in recruiting and hiring,” Grossman continued. “Talent Board’s partnership with Rep Cap ensures the quality of our research never wanes, and we are grateful.”

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