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Amplify Stories From HR Leaders


Rep Cap assisted Amplify with developing organic marketing, distribution, and promotion strategy to increase audience growth and to convert new listeners into paying customers. Rep Cap developed show notes, audiograms, and other assets to promote the podcast.

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Amplify Stories From HR Leaders

Strategy, Creative, Growth and Thought Leadership for the Consulting Industry

Amplify was looking for assistance in producing a podcast highlighting the extraordinary and unique stories of human resources leaders from all walks of life. Rep Cap assists Amplify in producing, distributing and promoting the podcast. 


Amplify is a boutique recruitment agency, HR leader development platform and community led by Lars Schmidt, who is on a mission to “build readiness for tomorrow’s HR, today.” Lars has spent over 20 years helping industry-leading companies create a better HR experience for all professionals in the field as a corporate talent leader, entrepreneur and author.


Lars wanted to expand his marketing of the show to reach a larger audience, and he wanted to elevate the production value of the audio and video. While he had strong technical production skills himself, he also needed to spend more time on other aspects of his growing business.


Amplify enlisted the Rep Cap team to develop an organic marketing, distribution and promotion strategy to drive audience growth and improve conversion to paid offers. Rep Cap took over production and promotion of the podcast, including creating show notes, audiograms and other assets to promote the podcast on social media and in email. Rep Cap also produced full-length video versions of the podcast, opening up new channels for engagement.


Amplify’s audience significantly increased in a short time. The weekly newsletter subscriber list grew 34% in only six months, and YouTube subscribers increased by 28%. 

And with Rep Cap producing and promoting the podcast, Lars has been able to spend more time developing new products and services to grow his business.

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