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A Podcast With Punch


B2B management consultant company Kearney wanted to showcase its research on how the most critical consumer communities approach their relationship with retailers and brands — in their own voices. So the Inside the Mind podcast tapped into the intricacies of what makes communities unique and the things that bring consumers together.

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A Podcast With Punch

Podcast Production and Strategy for the Consulting Industry

Kearney, a global management consultant firm, wanted to showcase its research on how crucial consumer communities approach their relationships with retailers and brands — and showcase those communities’ voices. The Inside the Mind podcast was created to tap into the nuances of what makes communities unique and what brings consumers together.


Kearney has deep expertise in the retail industry, including cutting-edge research on how consumers decide when and where to spend their money. Rep Cap worked with Kearney’s expert consultants and marketing team to develop a podcast, Inside the Mind, that highlighted their expertise and research through interviews with consumers. 


Kearney needed a way to elevate their consumer research beyond data points, which can be detached from the intricacies of the individual experience. They wanted to bridge the gap between robust research and personalized case studies. Kearney sought out a creative solution that shares research findings through the voices of the consumers themselves.


Rep Cap worked with the Kearney team to develop the Inside the Mind podcast, along with ideas for each episode. Rep Cap took the lead on sourcing, coordinating and conducting guest interviews, as well as writing episode scripts and show notes. In addition, our team handled all audio recording, editing and production tasks, and advised on promotion and distribution strategies

The podcast was presented by Greg Portell, global lead of Kearney’s Consumer Practice, and Katie Thomas, leader of the Kearney Global Consumer Institute. They weaved together trends and interviews with consumers while predicting what the future might hold. Individual episodes explored communities of cosplayers, sneakerheads, fashionistas and more in the United States and abroad. 


Inside the Mind earned a large, global audience through its first two seasons. The podcast gave Kearney a distinctive way to demonstrate its expertise with consumers and tell powerful stories with its research and insights in a way competitors couldn’t easily replicate.

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