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Rep Cap created a new brand identity for this startup to stand out in the nascent and rapidly growing space of childcare finance. Renaming the company and creating a new visual identity were in order for this startup.

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  • Branding Design
  • Content Writing

An Identity Crisis

Formerly known as Küdos, this childcare finance startup came to Rep Cap in need of branding and marketing strategy help. Their existing name was too similar to a competitor in the space and needed to be changed to foster a unique and memorable brand experience. In addition to brand research, Rep Cap also developed a complete marketing strategy to use once the new brand was in place.

Unique Differentiation

The market of childcare finance is nascent and rapidly growing. With many competitors, newcomers to the industry need a standout brand identity, paired with solid strategic messaging, to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market.

What’s in a Name?

After doing extensive research and brainstorming, we developed a list of potential company names. After rounds of feedback and deliberation, a new name was chosen: Arvorie. The name is a play on the Portuguese word for tree, “árvore.” This is not only a callback to the founders’ personal origins, but also plays off of the concept of the “family tree.”

A Visual Identity

Once the name was in place, a new visual identity was developed to bring the brand to life. It was important to add warmth and energy to the brand. The logo is an organic form that inspires a feeling of growth while still possessing a sophisticated, clean and modern look. It was important to keep a warm color palette and harness the energy that is integral to family life.

Finally, the Application

Arvorie’s new visual identity was applied to their product, website and a wide variety of marketing assets. We also developed a consistent strategy for their marketing efforts, including an email newsletter campaign and creating several guides and other marketing assets to help define themselves in the space. When applied to those assets, the cohesive new brand identity creates a unified brand experience while putting forth a fresh face to attract stakeholders and investors.

About Arvorie

Founded in 2019, Arvorie connects employers and parents with thousands of providers. Their mission is to make childcare affordable and accessible for everyone.

Industry: Financial Services
Company Size: Startup
Location: New York, NY

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